Not so long ago there was really only one type of funeral in the Uk - traditionally a church service followed by a burial or cremation.

These days funeral formats are far less fixed and are more a reflection of personal passions and tastes.

Here are some of the most popular types of funeral in the UK:

Traditional faith-based  funerals

Still the most popular, held in a place of worship and led by a religious official. Drawing on centuries of tradition these offer a familiarity many people find comforting.

Humanist Ceremony

This can place the task of writing and conducting the service with family and friends. This works for some but you can employ a celebrant who specialises in preparing and conducting services where there is no ties to religion. 

Life Celebration

People planning a 'celebration of life' funeral often have their family and friends in mind. Whilst still tinged with the sadness of loss, these services look happily on memories of the deceased's life.

Direct Cremation

This is becoming more popular, as the rising cost of funerals is adding to the motivation to keep it simple. Direct cremation is also an option being chosen by people who simply dont want a fuss.


The interest in eco-friendly burials has been fuelled by concerns that cremation can create pollutants and for a funeral to be defined as 'eco-friendly' it should not involve cremation.This has led to an increasing number of burials using biodegradable coffins and burial shrouds with the burial plots having no visable impact on the enviroment.

Whichever type you choose, it's important to get the send off that you want. A funeral plan is the easy way to set out your final wishes, beat rising funeral costs and save your family worry and expense at a difficult time.

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